Proper Washing of ORIGIN Garments

Washing Lycra properly involves limiting exposure to heat and stretching. Use low heat settings when machine washing your garments.

To clean by hand, soak the Lycra in cold water and rub detergent into stains. Dry the clothing flat on a towel to keep it stronger for longer.

To clean in the washing machine, place the garments into a mesh bag. A mesh laundry bag holds clothing so it is protected during the machine cycle. The tumbling of the machine makes it easy for a button or other object to get stuck in loose Lycra and stretch it. If you don’t have a bag, try an old pillow case.

Add a mild detergent to the machine. Don’t use anything harsh to clean your garments. Use a detergent made for delicate clothing or even athletic wear. Consider Assos Activewear Cleaner

To remove bad odors, add a splash of vinegar to the wash. Place it in the fabric softener slot. Make sure your detergent doesn’t have chlorine in it when using vinegar.

Set the washer for a delicate cycle. Lycra needs to be washed in cold water so heat doesn’t ruin the fibers. The delicate setting, if your washer has one, uses cold water and minimal tumbling. Choose the lowest heat setting on your device. The water temperature should be no more than 86℉ (30℃).[2]

Air dry away from direct sunlight. Heat and direct sunlight are damaging to the stretchy Lycra fibers. To keep your clothing fresh, pick a safe area. Find an out of the way area where you can lay out a towel.      Hang drying is a quicker alternative, but the water pulling downwards will stretch out the Lycra over time.

Please never use an Iron on your ORIGIN garments.